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This is the team that puts Public Works TV together.

Nicky Woo

Nicky's creative mind is often found getting lost in good music and stories that fill the world around her. She can't wait to hear your story, share it and be a part of it...

Julian Pham

Julian is the Creative Director for San Francisco Public Works. He enjoys filmmaking, mountaineering and taking dance classes.

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Bryan Dahl

Bryan is passionate about local government and wants to help foster positive change in the world around him. He enjoys being active, making new friends and satisfying his sweet tooth. 

Shih-Wei Lu

Shih-Wei speaks English, Cantonese and Mandarin fluently and works closely with the Chinese community in her public affairs role at Public Works. She’s an ace at helping troubleshoot constituent concerns on behalf of elected officials at City Hall. She’s a former newspaper reporter with good instincts for public interest stories. Outside of work, Shih-Wei likes to hike and travel the world. 

Jennifer Blot

Jennifer Blot, deputy director of communications at Public Works, enjoys finding new angles to everyday stories. She’s passionate about profile-writing, San Francisco history and relics from the City’s past.

Rachel Gordon

Rachel, director of policy and communications for San Francisco Public Works, grew up in San Francisco. A former City Hall reporter, she edits
her neighborhood newspaper and sweeps her sidewalk every day.
Happy = family time, blackberries, rowing on Stow Lake, Brooklyn

Nine-Nine, charades, the Giants beating the Dodgers, an absorbing novel, the Pacific.